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Here we are discussing the Top 10 Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased by the best moving firms that offer their consumers high-quality services. Moving companies can raise the final bill in several legal ways without defrauding customers. Even the greatest movers in the country may have to raise the final moving price under specified situations, and this is done legally and without any malice against their customers.

Keeping an eye out for circumstances in which movers may legitimately raise the final fee, you may better manage your moving expenses and won’t have to pay movers more than you have to.

Here are ten valid ways that your movers can raise your final bill without attempting to defraud you.

1. On moving day, you’re not ready – Top 10 Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased

The Risk Of Not Being Ready On Moving Day - Top Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased
The Risk Of Not Being Ready On Moving Day – Top Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased | Source: New City Moving

When movers show up on moving day you haven’t finished done packing, they’re more likely to increase the final moving cost charge you more than the estimate they gave you. Even if you have just a few boxes remaining to fill, you may still need to pack up a large number of other containers.

For the most part, poor time management is the root cause of your lack of success. Many other activities must be performed before you can begin the relocation process, like choosing a top-rated moving company, changing the utilities, obtaining medical information, and school records, and so on.

If you haven’t finished packing when your movers arrive, they’ll probably help you, but the additional labor will add up to a higher moving bill. Because you didn’t finish packing on time, your movers will have no choice but to hike the total cost of your relocation.

2. The movers will need to re-pack some of your belongings – Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased

Repacking Leads To More Expenditures - Top Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased
Repacking Leads To More Expenditures – Top Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased | Source: Apartment Therapy

There is no need to worry about anything if you employ professional packing services. The packers you engage will take care of everything. For fragile products, such as those made of glass or porcelain, appropriate padding is especially critical to ensure their safety during transport.

For long-distance moves, additional care must be taken when packing sensitive items. Make sure to follow your moving company’s packing instructions when it comes to securing fragile items for the road. If your moving company doesn’t ask you to pack fragile things in a specific way, please follow our instructions (see below) on how to do so.

On Moving Day, keep in mind that if your fragile goods are not securely packed and suitably cushioned, most moving firms will either ask you to re-pack them (costing you time) or they will do it themselves (extra packing labor). If your movers need to pack your most delicate belongings in their method, The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased.

3. You’ve decided to transport a greater number of objects than originally anticipated

Extra Goods Means Extra Cost - Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased
Extra Goods Means Extra Cost – Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased | Source: Amaysim

As a general rule, any more items you include in the original inventory will raise the final selling price. As a result, looking through your belongings before packing them is critical to making the proper decisions.

In other words, you must already know what you’re taking and what you’re leaving behind. However, there are occasions when you’re unsure. The enormous couch and dining table you were planning on donating to charity may end up staying. You should expect a considerable price difference if you’re traveling across the country with those two more pieces of furniture.

It’s how interstate shipments work; the moving cost is determined by the distance traveled, the weight of the item, and any additional services required by the customer. As a result, your cross-country moving company will charge you for any additional items that were not included in the original estimate.

Yes, any big and bulky items in addition, such as furniture, can quickly mount up in additional charges.

4. You’re moving furniture you didn’t mention.

Notifying your moving company that you will be transporting a specialized item can increase the overall cost of your move because your movers will not be properly trained and equipped to handle it. This might cause several issues throughout your cross-country relocation.

In actuality, such a scenario is unlikely to occur because the first goods you want to be moved to your new home will be displayed and discussed with the moving professionals first. Even if you show the pros a thing that’s regarded as unusual and requires particular packing and moving expertise, it could still happen that you don’t.

Even if transporting a piano is difficult, it is completely typical to neglect to list a grandfather clock as a unique item requiring extra packing and moving attention. When relocating a big safe or piece of antique furniture, it’s not unrealistic to forget to tell the movers that you’re also moving a pool table or hot tub.

Be careful to show your movers everything you’re transporting so that their pricing estimate accurately represents the ultimate price of the relocation.

5. You forgot to tell the movers that the elevator is broken

More Stairs Also Means More Cash - Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased
More Stairs Also Means More Cash – Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased | Source: This Old House

Stairs fees are another valid way for movers to raise the final cost.

A walk-up apartment building with no elevator means you’ll be charged extra for the stairs the movers will have to climb and descend as they transport your belongings from one floor to another.

It will cost you more to move if you live on a high floor in an apartment complex that has a broken elevator on the day you’re moving in. This is because it takes more time and effort to move heavy objects up and down the stairs.

The charge for the steps should not be underestimated. Exactly how much do movers charge for stairs? In most cases, movers will charge $50 for each additional flight of steps if they cannot use an elevator because it is either non-functional or has not been scheduled particularly for them.

In the event of an elevator breakdown, make sure to address the situation with your mover in advance to prevent overpaying. Remember to talk to the building manager about reserving the elevator for your relocation if it’s in working order.

6. You want to make additional stops on the route.

Additional Stops Equals To Additional Dollars Being Spent - Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased
Additional Stops Equals To Additional Dollars Being Spent – Ways The Final Moving Cost Can Be Increased | Source: Gold Heat

Some of your belongings may be located outside of your primary address. If you’re going to be moving a lot of things, you may have to stop at your parents’ house or a friend’s house to get a few things.

When relocating within the same state, any additional stops along the way will add to the overall moving time. As a result, the local transfer will cost more because it will take longer to do.

As a consumer, you’ll pay more for interstate movers who charge extra for split pickup while moving across state lines. For a long-distance move, you may anticipate paying roughly $100 for an additional trip, but the actual cost of the additional service will depend on the distance between your home property and any further stops along the way.

If you plan on making any additional stops during the actual relocation, be sure to inform your movers in advance.

7. Temporary storage for your belongings is required.

Sometimes, circumstances change in a split second, and you may find yourself needing interim storage of your belongings after you’ve already directed movers where and when to deliver your possessions (particularly on cross-country relocation).

As a result, your movers are now likely to put your belongings in storage and charge you for each day that your belongings remain in their facility. Your ultimate moving bill will go up as a result because temporary storage is an additional service that clients must pay for.

Be ready for anything that may happen during a house move, as unexpected situations can arise. It’s also important to receive a price from your moving company if you’ll have your belongings stored for a short period.

8. You can’t park your moving truck right next to your new house.

Because of narrow streets, low-hanging trees and branches, low-hanging power wires, abrupt corners, and so on a moving truck may not be able to park at your new home for any number of reasons. Shuttle vans may also be necessary if a larger vehicle like a truck is not available to complete the move.

Shuttle vans are common and often included in the initial cost. In some cases, though, your movers may have to add a shuttle fee to the final moving bill, which, of course, will raise the cost.

Shuttle expenses might be quite pricey depending on the size of the relocation. Moving your belongings from a large truck to a smaller one requires a lot more effort and can take several hours.

You don’t need another car if you can park your big mover just a few feet away from where you’ll be moving in. Professional movers will next transport the items to their new location, either by hand or with the use of moving dollies. In certain circumstances, you should anticipate paying a lesser long-carry fee than a shuttle fee.

9. You’d want your things delivered more quickly.

Moving companies often combine many shipments to save money on long-distance removals. When it comes to cross-country moves, this is the most effective method for moving home goods.

Moving companies offer exclusive use of a moving vehicle if you want your possessions delivered sooner or separately from those of other customers, guaranteeing a specific delivery date rather than a delivery window.

Movers may charge you an additional price for the exclusive use of the moving vehicle if you decide to hire them for your relocation. Naturally, you should discuss all of this with your moving company in advance.

10. Cause Majeure events force movers to raise their prices.

Force majeure — situations beyond the control of your movers – might, unfortunately, increase the total cost of your move.

When the price of fuel rises, your moving company will raise its charges to compensate for the increased cost of fuel.

Additionally, if the cost of living rises, a moving company may raise their moving fees to reflect this, as well as the fact that a large number of individuals are relocating at the same time (especially on holidays). As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, moving companies have had to raise their prices.

Don’t assume that your movers are trying to bilk you out of money if they raise your final bill and you don’t know why. Instead, call them to find out why your moving bill is so much higher. Having a moving company explain why the price went up is a given when you engage with one that has a good reputation.

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