Top Best 10 Australian Capital Territory Moving Companies

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The Australian Capital Territory, despite its small size and the fact that it is home to the nation’s capital Canberra, is an excellent location for prospective migrants. The Australian Capital Territory, which is home to a diverse variety of political and government institutions, including the Australian Parliament, provides a diverse range of work prospects as well as competitive incomes that are on par with those of its much bigger neighbours, if not better. As a lifestyle destination, the Northern Territory has a four-season environment that allows you to enjoy the pleasures of a warm Australian summer while still having the opportunity to recuperate during the milder winter months of the year.

When things go tough, it helps to have a seasoned expert on your side. Moving a little residence, a large corporation, or transferring a mansion’s worth of memories is possible with the help of a professional moving company in your area. We’ve taken care of some of the legwork for you by compiling a list of some of the top moving companies in the Australian Capital Territory for you.

1. Truckmen Removals Canberra

Truckmen Movers & Storage is one of the most reliable removalists in Canberra, ACT. They are competent, very clean, extremely efficient, extremely cautious with all belongings, and charge a fair fee for the service they do. As a result, Truckmen Removals & Storage has established itself as a trustworthy and well-known Trucking Company, as well as the most preferred option of clients in this area. Their crew is prepared for any task and manages projects with the expertise and experience that their clients have come to expect from them. Providing open communication lines throughout the life of each project is important to them because they want their clients to be happy with the job they have done.

They provide the services:

  • Interstate Removalists
  • Refrigerated Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Packing & Unpacking

"Truckmen Removals Canberra" Truck
“Truckmen Removals Canberra” Truck

Contact Details

  • Address: Queanbeyan, Canberra, ACT
  • Website:
  • Phone: +61 406 130 120
  • Email:

2. Mooney Moves

Mooney Moves is a proud little firm that specializes in interstate and intrastate removals and transportation in Canberra, Sydney, and other cities around Australia. Their objective is to entirely alleviate the stress of relocating for you, to make it a pleasant experience, and, most importantly, to ensure that your belongings arrive safely at their new location, whether it is an apartment, a home, an office, or a warehouse.

Once you have approved our quotation, they will work with you to organize a removal day and time that is convenient for you, which they will communicate to you through email, text message, or phone call. It is possible for them to provide you with boxes at an extra cost and have them delivered to you before your relocation date. Once your belongings are packed, you may be certain that your relocation will be simple and successful. It is their responsibility to ensure that your things are placed into their van or truck with the highest degree of security. When they arrive, they will ask you for instructions on where you would want your furniture to be positioned. This reduces the amount of time and effort you have to put into moving heavy objects after they have left, and also provides you a head start on the unpacking process.

The proprietor supervises a team of professional packers and movers, and he is there on every task to guarantee that you get the best moving experience possible. They look forward to assisting you with your next relocation!

They provide the services:

  • Apartment Moving
  • home Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Warehousing

"Mooney Moves" Truck
“Mooney Moves” Truck

Contact Details

  • Address: 38 Archdall St, MacGregor ACT 2615, Australia
  • Website:
  • Phone: +61 421 232 333
  • Email:

3. Leader Removals & Storage

Leader Removals and Storage has been in business in Canberra since 1997, specializing in furniture relocation and removal services for individuals and businesses. As a Canberra-based firm on the north side, they also serve the adjacent communities of Murrumbateman, Yass, Gundaroo, and other nearby towns. It is not just Canberra Removals but also interstate removals, particularly from Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and then on to Melbourne and the surrounding regions, as well as local removals.

Its Canberra Container Storage facility has become a highly popular alternative for their clients who seek short-term storage between locations or long-term storage for various reasons. They do our bigger storage in Canberra in containers, which is an excellent cost-effective solution for a large family’s storage requirements. After arriving at your pick-up location with the container in tow, the truck departs. After that, the artifacts are wrapped in their protective blankets to ensure that they remain safe and secure.

It is then stored for you at their facility, saving you the large expenditures that are sometimes involved with other methods of storage, such as emptying your items into a storage unit and then reloading them onto a truck when you are ready for delivery.

They provide the services:

  • Local Furniture Removal in Canberra and Surrounding Areas
  • Interstate Relocations from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast and areas in between
  • Office Relocations and Commercial Deliveries
  • Specialised Transport
  • Cartons & Packing Materials
  • Packing/Unpacking Service
  • Container Storage
  • Insurance Options
  • Cleaning

"Leader Removals & Storage" Truck
“Leader Removals & Storage” Truck

Contact Details

  • Address: 50 Morisset Rd, Mitchell ACT 2911, Australia
  • Website:
  • Phone: +61 2 6262 2466
  • Email:

4. ACT Movers

Local relocation within the Canberra and adjacent regions are the specialty of Act Movers, a removalist firm based in the capital city of Canberra. They will transport your furniture and boxes to your new home or apartment in a safe and secure manner. Their vehicles are well equipped, and all of their employees are completely insured and trained to do their jobs. Act Movers is the only removalist business in Canberra that offers more benefits and provides more value than they do. They provide service to all of Canberra’s areas, and their vehicles are fully equipped and GPS-tracked. Their professional drivers will transport your furniture to your new house in a safe and timely manner. All of the members of the team have been carefully chosen because they are trustworthy, cheerful, and fully insured for your piece of mind. Their knowledgeable staff will be there to assist you at every step of the journey.

They provide the services:

  • Local Canberra Moves
  • Home Relocations
  • Office Relocations
  • Rubbish Removals
  • Furniture Moves
  • Packing

"Act Movers" Truck
“Act Movers” Truck

Contact Details

  • Address: 4 Kurria Pl, Giralang ACT 2617, Australia
  • Website:
  • Phone: +61 481 577 477

5. Capital Removals

Getting Rid of Capital Canberra is a furniture moving business with its headquarters in Australia. For both residential and business customers, they specialize in furniture removal in Canberra and surrounding areas. There is no work that is too little or too large. This company takes great pleasure in offering a pleasant and stress-free service, and they make it a point to always put their clients’ needs and assets first. They are a locally owned and operated enterprise. They are the biggest removals firm in Canberra, with a crew of over 30 employees and a fleet of six trucks. Their crew can assist you with moving services and moving suggestions to help the procedure go as smoothly as possible. Capital Removal will be there for you every step of the journey, whether you want assistance with packing or just require them to transport the large things.

They provide the services:

  • Local Moving
  • Interstate Removal Services.
  • Furniture Moving

"Capital Removal Canberra" Truck
“Capital Removal Canberra” Truck

Contact Details

  • Address: Homeworld Centre, 6/150-180 Soward Way, Greenway ACT 2900, Australia
  • Website:
  • Phone: +61 1300 724 005
  • Email:

6. Two Men And A Truck – Canberra

It has been 25 years since their family-owned company, Two Men and a Truck, established itself as one of Australia’s leading moving and relocation firms. Besides short-distance migrations, they also provide long-distance relocations to a wide range of destinations in Australia and New Zealand.

A firm that provides world-class customer service on the first attempt and every time after that, that is them. The company may provide you with a simple moving solution, such as a truck and two workers, or a full service to handle your whole relocation from one end of the Eastern shore to another. They have a solution for any moving need.

Having trouble transporting a difficult object? In the process of moving the Guinness World Record-holding largest plasma television screen in existence from a Sydney skyscraper to a Balmain restaurant, they managed to avoid making a single scratch on either their personnel or the television.

So whether you’re dealing with anything big, awkwardly shaped, or delicate, give them a go — they’re up to the task! You may have peace of mind knowing that every single one of their services, from packing to rubbish collection, is completed to the greatest possible quality since they are certified by the Australian Furniture Removalist Association.

They provide the services:

  • Home Moving
  • Business Moving
  • Interstate Moving

"Two Men and a Truck Australia" Truck
“Two Men and a Truck Australia” Truck

Contact Details

  • Address: Head Office, Unit 15/6 Herbert St, St Leonards, NSW 2065
  • Website:
  • Phone: +61 1300 880 412


ACT Removals is a forward-thinking firm that has seen significant growth in the Canberra removals industry as a result of its high level of excellence. They have a highly qualified personnel on hand to satisfy your requirements, whether you are relocating a whole home or just a single piece of furniture. The company’s mission is not only to relocate you from one residence to another, but also to make you happy throughout your relocation to the point that you may transmit that pleasure to your neighbours, family, and friends!

They strive to be on time and exceedingly timely in all of their interactions.
Personal possessions entrusted to them are treated as if they were their own. When it comes to their pricing, there are no hidden costs or surprises. They are forthright and completely transparent in all they do. If, in the odd event that there is an additional cost, they will notify you prior to taking any action.

Their employees are well-trained and competent, and they are dedicated to providing excellent customer service. They are completely committed to giving their clients with the greatest service available in the industry – much beyond what you would expect from a cheap removalist in Canberra.

They provide the services:

  • Furniture Removal
  • Home Moving
  • Rubbish & Furniture Removal.

"ACT Removals" Truck
“ACT Removals” Truck

Contact Details

  • Address: 122-124 Mainwaring Rich Cct, Palmerston ACT 2913, Australia
  • Website:
  • Phone: +61 469 082 588
  • Email:

8. Chess Moving Canberra

Chess Moving is a removalist firm that is entirely owned and run by Australians. Their offices are situated in every major city in Australia, as well as several smaller towns, and they provide relocation services to individuals, families, and corporations across Australia.

Chess Moving is a nationwide Australian relocation and removals firm that caters to the requirements of Australians who are relocating abroad or inside the country’s borders. They have a team that has been properly trained to assist you and your family in making your next move as simple as possible. Allow them to handle the heavy lifting while you relax.

They provide the services:

  • Home Moves
  • Office Moves
  • Corporate Relocations
  • Storage

"Chess Moving Australia" Truck
“Chess Moving Australia” Truck

Contact Details

  • Address: 47 Bayldon Rd, Queanbeyan West NSW 2620, Australia
  • Website:
  • Phone: +61 2 6297 5333
  • Email:

9. Box It

Self-storage in Canberra should be affordable and convenient, so don’t settle for anything less than these two characteristics. BOX IT is completely adaptable to your requirements, offering to transport your box, keep it in a storage facility, and then return your BOX IT to you when you want it. Trust the self-storage experts in Canberra, who are dedicated to offering hassle-free storage and moving solutions for both residential and business customers in the region. In Canberra, BOX IT is the first place to go for self-storage. They provide mobile self-storage, commercial storage, moving and packing materials, and they also provide moving and packing services. BOX IT is well-known for its meticulous collecting, management, and storage of anything from corporate papers to household furniture. They provide state-of-the-art storage solutions for Canberra and the surrounding areas. When it comes to self-storage in Canberra, you can be certain that your items will be well-cared for and returned to you in good condition.

They provide the services:

  • Mobile Self-Storage
  • Moving Services
  • Commercial Storage
  • Packing Supplies
  • Storage Insurance

"Box it Canberra" Truck
“Box it Canberra” Truck

Contact Details

  • Address: 13 Pethard Road Hume, ACT, Australia 2620
  • Website:
  • Phone: 1300 426 948
  • Email:

10. Micks Way Removals & Storage

Micks Way Removals specializes in local Canberra removals, and has more than 28 years of expertise in relocating individuals within Canberra and beyond the country. As an owner-operator-run, locally-owned and managed firm, they offer a plethora of knowledge and expertise in effectively and competently transporting passengers.

Their staff is well-versed in all aspects of moving, whether you need assistance with a single item or a full household of furniture to relocate. If you don’t have the time or don’t want the stress of packing, they will pack all of your possessions for you at a fair fee. Just give us a call for a quote. Alternatively, you may opt to pack your own cartons. You may rent cartons for a nominal rental cost of $3.50 per carton plus a $150 refundable deposit for a limited time (on return of boxes).

They provide the services:

  • Residential and Office Removals
  • Packing

"Micks Way Removals & Storage" Truck
“Micks Way Removals & Storage” Truck

Contact Details

  • Address: Must cct, Calwell, ACT, Australia, Australian Capital Territory
  • Website:
  • Phone: +61 400 246 990
  • Email:
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